Stories from the Ocean journal
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Giant ocean weaving is done
Rocks of Remembrance Study 1  18x24
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the art of wholeness

Becoming healthier. 

Doing the work.

Enjoying the process.

Celebrating the moments that count, whether big or small.


This is the head space I create from and what fuels the messaging in these works. The exploration of ideas through the mediums of paint, paper and canvas gets translated into fine art for your home.


All with the goal of encouraging you on your journey towards wholeness.

Glad you're here,


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Offering original oil painting Briana Ta
Offering Briana Taylor original painting

There is a moment when an ordinary gesture or a common movement becomes something more. When a hand is offered and received, when palms open in surrender, or a fist loosens—then these everyday movements become holy. They become more than they were.


Certain positions can represent something greater and deeper than the eye can distinguish. These are the moments that I have attempted to capture in this series. The position of the hands may be common, but the meaning and motivation behind them is hallowed. The ordinary transcends into the sacred, but so quickly it is easily missed. Hopefully these pieces recognize and mark these hidden, holy moments.


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Stories from the Ocean journal