rocks of remembrance: artist statement

Rocks of Remembrance Joshua 4 & 1 Samuel 7 I began thinking about this idea and that our lives are really a collection of "rocks of remembrance" that tell the story of what God has done in us. I love the visual of a big pile of story-telling rocks—each rock serving as a reminder of a work that God has done in and for us. As we move through our life in Christ, we start to see rocks form groups, stacks, and piles. The story grows. The testimonies increase. Our lives begin to look like a large accumulation of rocks—rocks to remember what God has done. Some are small, some large, some came together, others spread out over time. Each one is a reminder to us, because we are prone to forget. By set


Yesterday was a "light breaking through" day for me. Since coming back from Austria I have been sitting in darkness. The thing is I didn't know it. I And I felt discouraged and worn out. But I didn't realize I was sinking into darkness. But I had been listening to the liar's lies. "Did God really do those things for you? Did you really receive freedom? Are things really going to be different? Do things FEEL different? Maybe they aren't. Maybe your freedom didn't stick. Maybe it was all a dream. Wishful thinking" Liars lie. But we listen and then suddenly we are doubting. Darkness. Sometimes God sabotages my plans. My agenda got thwarted and I found myself not hiding in my house a


I’ve been getting a lot of hints from God lately that I’m entering a transitional time. Moving from what was into what will be. There have been suggestions of leaving the past behind, looking forward and newness coming. Jesus had given me a glimpse of what He was calling me to and I could feel the pull of change. Change. Newness. Purpose. Calling. These were words that I had been desperate to hear for 5 years. Words of redemption and meaning and hope. And as much as I was eager to step into the newness, I was struggling with how to leave the old. Especially when the old hadn’t entirely left yet. I was carrying my baggage from my sufferings and couldn’t figure out how to let them go. Literall

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