What are the shipping policies?

Oil paintings can take a decent amount of time to dry, depending on paint thickness and other variables. Usually by the time they are listed and sold they are mostly, if not entirely dry and will ship out within 2 weeks. However, in some cases additional time may be needed and will be communicated.

Paintings are then wrapped carefully, padded tightly and shipped in art-sized cardboard boxes.

Most artwork ships via USPS or UPS and  arrives within a week  from the ship date.

When are new collections released?

Collections are created around a concept or theme. There isn't usually a plan upfront for a specific number of pieces or a set duration for the creation phase. Instead each piece is created as the exploration of the idea unfolds.


It's a really beautiful and exciting process but makes long term planning a bit tricky. Instead of definitive, regular launch dates, I like to share the whole process with you guys via Instagram and Facebook. Then as things start becoming more clear I'll communicate details about number of pieces and launch dates so we can all share in the excitement and be ready for the big release.

Can I pick up my purchase at the studio?

Absolutely!  I'd love to meet you in person if you are in the area of Chattanooga, TN. Just send me an email and we can make that happen! 

What are the return policies?

Every order is represented and handled with the utmost care and consideration.


Because of the time and investment put into these pieces, refunds will only be offered if the work has been damaged during shipping or for very limited extreme situations.


If you have any questions or concerns before you purchase, please contact me and I'd love to provide with more information, additional images etc.


Thank you for understanding the work and commitment that goes into providing you with the best information and service possible.

Who owns rights to the artwork?

I retain all the rights to the work I create.   


That includes the right to make reproductions and display images of the work. If you would like to obtain further rights for your purchase (for example, if you don't want prints made of the piece you've purchased) please email me at to discuss purchasing those additional rights.

What about collaborations?

I LOVE working with others and am very interested in exploring possible ventures together.


Whether that be a commission, a workshop, a collective, a partnership, a best-friend situation or any other brilliant ideas you have for collaboration. I'm all ears.

Email me at and let's discuss the possibilities!