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Name a star in - A Star for You -   book

Name a star in - A Star for You - book


Be a part of A Star for You book!

Towards the end of the book there is a huge sky full of stars with names beside them. These represent the names of God's children. For $20 one of those names can be yours, or your kid's, or your mom's (you get the idea). ($20 per star.)


This one-time, special offer gives you the opportunity to pick some of the names that will be printed in this first, and all future editions of A Star for You. How fun would it be to read this book about God's family with your kids and for them to see their names printed right there on the page! Or to gift it to your family member and they open it to see THEIR name inside!


Name a star for $20. You can buy as many stars as you want to see all your people represented in the sky!


* Price is only for the naming of a star and does NOT include a book.


* You may purchase as many stars as you want, but supply is limited (there are only so many in the book ;) so act soon.


**Please be sure to include the name(s) you wish to have in the book in the space provided below. First names only for clarity and space. For example, if you want to purchase 4 names list each name separated by a comma. Then click "add to cart" and then in the cart you will specify a quantity of 4.


Then once you have the correct quantity of stars in your cart you can add as many books as you'd like as well before you check out.

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