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The Now & the Not Yet

The Now & the Not Yet


This was the first painting that I started in this series. It is interesting because originally I thought it would be upside down of how it now hangs. That goes to show how my understanding of the piece has grown as I moved through the creative process.


The idea this piece explores is that of true reality in the context of the fullness of time. The dead, barren landscape of the bottom of the piece represents what we can see in this moment of time. It looks like nothing is happening, there is no movement or life. But then the painting is split with a gold line and the remainder shows us what will become true in the fullness of time. You see, the line splits the piece into a reflection---the now and the not yet. In the “now,” the landscape is barren and lifeless, but in the “not yet,” it becomes filled with life, movement and beauty.


By stepping out of our narrow view of reality and time, we expand our understanding into the bigger story of which we are only a part. We can hold on to hope that there is more than just right now. “The Now and the Not Yet” painting shifts our focus to the unseen versus the seen. We recognize that even when things seem stagnant, time is moving towards something. When we partner with the movement toward life and growth, our barren landscapes are only fertile soil for future fullness.


And so, the focus shifts upside down, as did the painting, onto the unseen vision for the future full of hope and potential.



This is a mixed media piece which includes gallery wrapped canvas (20x24x1.5"), oil paint, metallic oil paint, cold-pressed watercolor paper, graphite, gel medium, and varnish. This style of collage painting helps express the layers, textures and varying elements that come together to tell the story with more depth and interest than paint and canvas alone.


The painting comes unframed unless you purchase a framing option but is painted on all sides if you choose to display it unframed.


Paintings usually ship within 1-2 weeks unframed, 2-3 if you choose the framing option. Shipping costs are included (approx. $50 value) and additional shipping costs of the frame are wrapped into that price.


About this collection:

The Fullness of Time Collection explores what it means to live within the bounds of time. What is the purpose of time? What are we filling our time with? What is time moving towards? When we better understand these concepts we are able to move through life in agreement with time. We start to understand right moments, proper perspective, and future fulfillment. This collection highlights different aspects of the fullness of time.


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