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rocks of remembrance: artist statement

Rocks of Remembrance

Joshua 4 & 1 Samuel 7

I began thinking about this idea and that our lives are really a collection of "rocks of remembrance" that tell the story of what God has done in us. I love the visual of a big pile of story-telling rocks—each rock serving as a reminder of a work that God has done in and for us. As we move through our life in Christ, we start to see rocks form groups, stacks, and piles. The story grows. The testimonies increase. Our lives begin to look like a large accumulation of rocks—rocks to remember what God has done. Some are small, some large, some came together, others spread out over time. Each one is a reminder to us, because we are prone to forget. By setting up these visual rock reminders, we not only remember, but we have the opportunity to tell the stories to others—spreading word of what God has done and giving Him the glory in our lives.

Each rock was drawn, painted, cut out and adhered in a new design to create a unique Rocks of Remembrances piece—just as the Father purposefully creates and places His rocks in our lives.

The rocks are contained within a subtle debossed line, forming a box which represents our life. The subtlety of the line corresponds to our not knowing the number of our days. Only God knows when our box will be filled and when we will move into His presence, no longer needing help to remember what He has done.

The white space at the top of the pile is the area not yet filled which tells of our expectation of what God is yet to do—of future grace. As long as we are alive, we can expect that He will continue the work He has begun in us.

I hope this piece encourages you to look back and remember what God has done in your life so far and to look forward to the rocks to come.

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