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Daughters of the King: She's coming

In this new series I've been working on, "Stories from the Ocean", I am still working on my second piece. The first piece in this series, "Rocks of Remembrance" came together pretty quickly and easily, which probably should have been more surprising since it was the first in the series. However, just when I thought things were going nicely, the second piece TRIPPED ME UP. (see previous post).

I have been wrestling with the idea of identity, and especially our identity as women in Christ. So the breadcrumb trail led to this idea of Daughters of the King. Feeling confirmation that this was the next piece in the series I progressed into "research" aka musings, readings, reflections, what have you. (Side note: I have noticed that while binge watching some period shows on Netflix, my writing has taken on a more formal manner. A thousand apolog...oh right, yea, sorry).

Anyway, after wallowing in the land of misdirection and indecision, I am oh so encouraged that I think/hope/pray that I am close to a finished piece. Stay tuned for that, but I just kept seeing my previous "Stuck" post and felt the need to reassure you (read: myself) that finally things are coming together.

Note: this picture/collage was done in the winter/early spring in Austria. I aptly titled it "Daughter of the King: A Self Portrait" and as I look back on the past year I am noticing how many times I had referenced this idea before I even became aware that it was an idea. (Perhaps, I shouldn't admit how dense I am?)

Well, it is interesting to look back and see how God was preparing me for what was coming...even in my art. He's real cool like that, y'all. Pretty darn cool. Kind of like those period detective shows I'm quite obviously spending too much time watching. Darn you, Murdoch.

But I do like to put on my investigative hat and follow the trail, so to speak. Right, then.

Formally yours,


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