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It's fine, everything is fine.

We played the game, "What Do You Meme?" this weekend and I laughed when I drew my meme (see picture above) because I have been catching myself saying, "It's fine, everything is fine." a lot lately. This season has been very busy and overwhelming and I think I'm trying to talk myself into it being FINE. Also, the fact that I'm an Enneagram 7 probably comes into play. 7's like to re-frame negatives into positives so perhaps it's less surprising that this has become my mantra. But COME ON, that smiley dog saying "This is fine" while his surroundings are on fire, shew, I feel ya little dog, I feel ya.

Simultaneously and not surprisingly, God has been talking to me about rest--another thing that's hard for a 7. So I looked up the definition:


1. to cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh or recover strength

2. to be placed or supported so as to stay in one position

3. based on or grounded in

4. to place hope, trust or confidence in

5. to belong or be located at a specified place or with a specified purpose

We've been talking about rest for a while now but mainly focusing on the first definition. So now, we're talking about rest applying to the remaining 2-5 definitions and my mind is blown a little bit. One of the examples the internet gave for definition 2 was a ladder. As in, the ladder rests against the wall. So, the ladder is still "working" it's not laying down "resting," but it is supported (definition 3) and thus resting while it is still working. Shew.

Ok, so how to find rest while still working, still being busy? I can feel God's amused "keep reading and you'll figure it out" smile as I read on to definitions 3-5. By the end of the list of definitions He has shown me what He's calling me to in this season:


While working.

By recognizing that He's placed me here.

I'm grounded in Him.

My hope, trust and confidence belong in His provision for me.

I am placed here, by Him at this time and place for His purpose.

So I picture myself as that ladder, resting against the wall. Someone has placed that ladder there. It is working but also supported by the wall. The wall is holding it up and enabling it to perform its task. That ladder depends on, trusts, and is grounded in, the wall. And so, it can rest. And, it all really is fine.

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