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The Fullness of Time Collection

It is finally happening!

The Fullness of Time Collection is launching in almost two weeks! I am so excited about this collection! It is the most involved and rich creation process I have embarked on so far. I still can't believe that I have spent almost a year researching, exploring, and creating around the concept of the fullness of time. And now I have 10 collage paintings and...a book to show for it!

Yep, a book! I realized that the creation process was too rich not to share and so I have published a companion book to the collection. The book follows the whole process from initial concept to full (pun intended) collection. The book has a beautiful, linen, hardback cover that is stamped in gold foil and thick, gorgeous pages with just the right amount of sheen. It is a fine art piece in and of itself! I can't wait for you to see it.

Stay tuned for all the details and collection release celebration in the days to come!

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