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We all tend to process information and ideas in different ways. I like to work it out in colors and texture. Each of these collections mines an idea for all the treasure I can find. These paintings are the translation/interpretation/exploration of those ideas

10-piece collection of  fine-art mixed media paintings

Based on a year of research on the fullness of time this  collection digs into all the aspects and implications of this big topic. Learn all about it here.

The Fullness of Time

whole collection.jpg

hands: holy moments

15 piece collection of fine-art mixed media paintings

Certain gestures break out of the ordinary into the holy so quickly and quietly we often miss it. Here I have sought to recognize and immortalize them in an effort to celebrate their significance.

Moment 4 low res.jpg

Mark your moment

10-piece collection of  fine-art mixed media paintings

An offshoot of one of the pieces from The Fullness of Time collection, this collection marks and celebrates the most impactful moments, no matter their perceived size.

Star studies

Researching and painting as I go, final product TBD

Studying the stars for A Star for You book opened my eyes to many wonders and possibilities. Not wanting to miss any treasures, I am following the light into the mystery. I paint as I process, it's a beautiful middleland.

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