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The question

I wrote a little blurb for the back of A Star for You book that goes like this: "What if the stars were placed in the sky to shine a story into the night? What if the story was written for you, shining a mystery that just might be true?"

Well those questions have lingered in a persistent sort of way and as I have followed them they've led me in some pretty interesting directions. Now I have even more questions, such as:

     -what does it mean that the stars are named and numbered?

     -what knowledge are they pouring forth?

     -why were they there at the creation of the world?

     -what is the story they are shining for us to see?

These questions have prompted a ton of research which led to more questions which led to more research and now I'm understanding why some people dedicate their whole lives to studying the stars. I'm hooked too. So, as I pray, ponder, and peruse various sources of star-knowledge, I also paint. It helps me process and fulfills my desire to get some of this information out of my head. 

So I welcome you to on my starry journey. Leave your thoughts, take a painting, or just chew on these questions along side me.

It should be interesting...

The paintings


Glory - 11x14"


Freedom - 11x14"


Power - 11x14"


The process