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The Fullness of Time Collection 
-Fine Art Book-

After spending almost a full year on The Fullness of Time Collection I have piles and piles of

research, source material, notes, sketches, etc. I realized that the process of creating this 10-painting collection was too rich and valuable not to share. And so birthed the idea of the book, The Fullness of Time Collection.

In The Fullness of Time Collection book I include my entire 7-step creative process along with pictures and explanations, a full spread of each final painting and corresponding artist statement, and reveal the entire collection, seen together as a whole. 

spread 3.jpg
spread 18.jpg
individual painting pages.jpg

sample page from the creative process 

sample spreads from the painting reveals

Since a book describing such a rich and (ahem) full process has to be of the highest quality, the books itself is a piece of fine art. It is sized at 10x10" (10 is a number representing fullness). The sturdy, hand-made, fine linen hardback comes with beautiful gold foil stamping on the spine and cover. The pages are thick, quality paper with just the right amount of sheen to make the images pop.

This book would be great for anyone who:

  • wants to learn more about the fullness of time collection

  • appreciates intentional living

  • desires to live in a deeper understanding of time and timing

  • purchases a painting and wants to show how it fits into the whole collection

  • finds the creative process intriguing

  • enjoys beautiful books

This first-of-its-kind offering is more than a book.--it is a quality piece of art that houses the entire collection in one place. Full of information, thoughtful questions, visual treasures, and quality painting reproductions this book is sure to delight readers and art enthusiasts alike.

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