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A Star for You

A book for families.

Written by Briana Elizabeth Taylor & Illustrated by Kristin Joy Taylor


One night I woke up with this phrase stuck in my head, "No one knows that the stars are just a reflection of my glory." I fell back asleep and awoke three more times with the same phrase before I finally got up and wrote it down. I thought it was a bible verse or song lyric but it wasn't. Thus 3 months of star research ensued which led to my writing A Star for You.

In it a distant sky of stars is transformed into a personal invitation into God's family. A Star for You invites you on an adventure--with scripture as our guide--as we expand our understanding of how the story of the stars is also a story about us.

After I had written the story I knew that it needed powerful illustrations to go with it. Not being much of an illustrator, and wanting to make this book in community I reached out to my cousin-in-law, Kristin Joy Taylor. Together we crafted the ideas for the images which she then wondrously illustrated.


Creating the book led us to want to create additional items that reinforce the book's driving messages, which are to look up in holy imagination, and follow the light, wherever it may lead.

You can learn more about the book and the additional goods to uplift your heart at

Here's a video that tells you more about the book:


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