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The Fullness of Time Collection 

What is the fullness of time?

That question launched a journey much richer, deeper, and time intensive than I could have imagined. And now, on the other side, I am so excited to finally to share it with you.

The Fullness of Time Collection explores concepts such as:

  • The purpose of time

  • The meaning of time

  • The idea that time is moving towards something

  • The filling of time

  • That timing matters

These ideas and many more make up the story of this collection which are then translated through paper, paint, and canvas into 10 fine-art collage paintings. 10 is a number representing fullness, by the way. Each painting conveys a part of the full (pun intended) meaning of the fullness

of time.

Also, for the first time ever, this series has its very own fine-art book to accompany the paintings!

In The Fullness of Time Collection book I include my entire 7-step creative process, along with pictures and explanations, a full spread of each final painting and corresponding artist statement, and reveal the entire collection. It is a great companion to the paintings, but also stands alone as a valuable, beautiful art piece.

For more information on the book, click here.

Both through the paintings and the book, I hope this collection serves to expand your awareness of how the fullness of time is woven into the fabric of our days, how time and timing matter, how moments are connected, how perspective is vital, and how there is purpose in the now, as well as hope for the future.

The paintings of the collection

Below are the final 10 paintings from The Fullness of Time Collection. Click on any painting to learn more about the imagery, concepts, size and pricing.

Theme Videos

Three themes emerged from this collection: circles, birds and growth. Each one exemplifies a part of the fullness of time. Watch the videos below to see how the themes emerge.

Creation of the collection

The first step of my creative process was hours upon hours of both conceptual and visual research. Next I translated that information into sketches, and then started constructing each piece by drawing elements on fine, cold-pressed water color paper. 

Then I cut them out and adhered them to the gesso-prepped canvas with gel medium. 

I weighted them while they dried to avoid buckling and achieve a firm hold.

Once dry, I painted them with oil paint and accented them with metallic oil paint.

Each piece also receives a nice coat of varnish to secure and preserve the final, finished piece.

I love creating in this collage/mixed media approach because of the amazing depth and variety of texture it brings to the pieces.


Although it is much more time consuming and a bit tedious at times, the value that it adds makes it all worth it in the end.

Details and embellishments

Let's zoom in so you can really see the beautiful layers and accents that make up these rich collage paintings.

When we live our lives mindful of the fullness of time, we live with intention. This collection serves as a  reminder to focus on what is unseen, be aware of what we are filling our lives with, and keep in mind where we are headed.  

Shop the paintings for the one that resonates best with you and check out the book too so you can keep the fullness of time close at hand.

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