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Giant ocean weaving is done
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The Mark Your Moment collection is the first personalized collection I’ve ever done and I’m so excited for you all to be able to interact with it and create your own personalized memento.

You guys know that I’m a bit obsessed with time and timing. I’m also really into remembering and celebrating the momentous occasions in our life that shape us.


The marriage of these two goals brought about the Mark Your Moment collection: a series of paintings that explore, celebrate and remind of us the times that made us into who we are today. Now with a special way to personalize them to represent YOUR special moments. 


This feature collection explores the concept of 'the fullness of time'. Such. a. big. concept. No wonder it took me almost a year to create this collection! Since the creation process was so rich and...ahem, full, I also created a fine art book as a companion to the 10 paintings that make up the collection.

I'm so excited to share The Fullness of Time Collection AND book with you. You can explore more about the collection, the individual paintings and the book through the links below. 

fullness of time graphic.jpg

the art of wholeness

Becoming healthier. 

Doing the work.

Enjoying the process.

Celebrating the moments that count, whether big or small.


This is the head space I create from and what fuels the messaging in these works. The exploration of ideas through the mediums of paint, paper and canvas gets translated into fine art for your home.


All with the goal of encouraging you on your journey towards wholeness.

Glad you're here,


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