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New watercolor paintings of stars and sky are now available. These were painted as I pondered the deep mystery and holy majesty of the waters above.  The piercing glory of the heavens are set against the backdrop of  deep blues and dark indigo. Each one is named for an aspect of the wonder of the skies.

framed two watercolor Briana Elizabeth Taylor.jpg
framed watercolor.jpg
Stories from the Ocean journal
On the Shore_edited
Daughter ChosenLABELED
Giant ocean weaving is done
Rocks of Remembrance Study 1  18x24
Somewhere Down the Road 14x18
Geraniums Family Study 1  8x8
cutting out rocks
Cresting Wave 1_edited
detail of outline definition
Daughter LightLABLED
All Things Brought Together Low res .jpg

This feature collection explores the concept of 'the fullness of time.' Such. a. big. concept. No wonder it took me almost a year to create this collection! Since the creation process was so rich and...ahem, full, I also created a fine-art book as a companion to the 10 paintings that make up the collection.

I'm so excited to share The Fullness of Time Collection AND book with you. You can explore more about the collection, the individual paintings and the book through the links below. 

fullness of time graphic.jpg

following the light

But wait, there's more.

You could say that's my motivation--the belief that there is more than meets the eye, more then we see on the surface. What's underneath? What came before or is coming after? What is the deeper meaning hidden right here in the ordinary?

I follow the light through life, painting and writing as I go in the hopes that I won't miss any of the treasure that is all around.

Welcome. Enjoy the process.

want to be in the know?

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