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Planted Eternity

Planted Eternity


“He has planted eternity in the human heart. But even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11


Perhaps the most straightforward piece in the collection, “Planted Eternity” offers a visual representation of eternity being built into us. This verse actually follows right after the famous passage on time. It is interesting that following the section on a time or season for everything (a time for weeping, a time for laughing), they go on to explain that part of the ability to understand seasons and time is the understanding of eternity.


It is such an important piece of the context that it has been planted inside our hearts. And even still...we can’t comprehend the overall plan.


The idea of eternity being planted in us is interesting because it indicates that it can grow inside us. As we move through the seasons of life, our understanding of divine purpose and perspective can flourish into a tree of life inside of us.


In “Planted Eternity,” the human heart has nourished and grown its understanding of eternity into a bountiful tree. The roots mingle with the blood vessels, the trunk with the arteries, and the leaves hint at the mysteries yet to come.


Perhaps the more the tree of life is nourished the better our understanding can be of the fullness of time.




This is a mixed media piece which includes gallery wrapped canvas (20x24x1.5"), oil paint, metallic oil paint, cold-pressed watercolor paper, graphite, gel medium, and varnish. This style of collage painting helps express the layers, textures and varying elements that come together to tell the story with more depth and interest than paint and canvas alone.


The painting comes unframed unless you purchase a framing option but is painted on all sides if you choose to display it unframed.


Paintings usually ship within 1-2 weeks unframed, 2-3 if you choose the framing option. Shipping costs are included (approx. $50 value) and additional shipping costs of the frame are wrapped into that price.


About this collection:

The Fullness of Time Collection explores what it means to live within the bounds of time. What is the purpose of time? What are we filling our time with? What is time moving towards? When we better understand these concepts we are able to move through life in agreement with time. We start to understand right moments, proper perspective, and future fulfillment. This collection highlights different aspects of the fullness of time.


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