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God is an Ocean

-an excerpt-

I finally calmed and opened my eyes.

Which while under the water may not have been wise.

But under I was and so I supposed,

I best make the best of it, til I rose.

Blues and greens, lights and darks,

Colors and movements both subtle and stark.

The ocean, my goodness, the ocean indeed!

The ocean, more beautiful than I ever believed.


Then the ocean it smiled, “I guess there was more,

More than you saw up there on the shore.”

“Yes, yes that is true, yes, yes you are right.

But was it necessary to give such a fright?

Anyway I see now, I understand.

I will tell them all about it, when I’m back on the land.”



“Not yet” said the ocean, “there’s more still to see.

Let’s go a bit deeper. Come, come with me.”

“Oh please no!” I replied, “I’ve seen quite enough.

I can’t take it anymore, it’s hard and it’s rough.”

But the ocean, it thought it knew better than me.

And so I sunk deeper down into the sea.


A little bit scared and bitter and mad

So far from the plan I’d originally had.

But deeper down was where I’d been sent,

So I made myself at home and set up my tent.

And down on the floor of the ocean I stayed,

With not much to do but trust and obey.

Plenty of time for sitting and thinking,

About how the ocean looks, while you’re sinking.


How I thought I knew of its ways.

Of what it was like and how it behaved.

But the ocean was so much bigger than all,

All I had thought, why I made it so small!


Quiet, calm, vast and wide,

Full of power bursting inside.

Dark and deep, important and wise.

The ocean, it cut me down to size.

The ocean was bigger and stronger than me.

The ocean was more than I had believed.

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